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Another Page of Ramblings

[[oh the humanity...]]

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yo pplz........my name is Megan Fausti and i go to Northside High Skool. most of my posts are about random things that i thot were pretty interesting, so i posted them so if ur not into randoms don't look at em, or associate with me cuz ur bound to get so annoyed that u go insane! man, im sooooooooooooooo bored, im always bored! crap.......it's dawn, i was hoping to investigate those glowing crucifixes before daybreak!! oh well, i'll handle that later. oh yeah, i love all things paranormal(im currently obssessed with werewolves)and i try to investigate as many things as possible. except that clown ghost, that was just too freakish!!! well, the time has come the bio is over, thought i'd something more to say.....